Mobile SDK Downloads
Mobile SDK Downloads

Release Notes 5.2.23

• Add configuration option TLS_NEGOTIATION_TIMEOUT to set the TLS negotiation timeout of messages when using the TLS transport type. The default value is 1500ms which is an improvement of the previous setting which was "no timeout".

• Network change wifi to wifi causing crash
• Wrong domain in settings makes the app to crash on call
• DNS resolution can fail on IPv6 networks
• Concurrent access to WebRTC audio driver can cause crashes

Known Issues
• On Android, SDK cannot use NAT64 networks. This is a limitation of the operating system. Use dual-stack SIP servers to support IPv6 only clients.
• WiFi to WiFi handoff can cause the call to disconnect if the handoff is too slow (~30 seconds), especially using TLS transport.
• DNS SRV isn't supported.

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