Mobile SDK Downloads
Mobile SDK Downloads

Release Notes 5.2.19

Date: 2019-10-07

Issues Fixed

- Fixed calculation of jitter statistics in the getStatistics() API and added 
  jitterBufferMs and preferredJitterBufferMs fields to track local jitter buffer size.
- Fixed crash in case of malformed license key - return a key format error instead.

- Fixed crash in some network change scenarios
- Fixed audio freeze during network change (regression from a previous version)
- Fixed mUTF-8 formatting for log messages pushed through JNI
- Fixed initialization when no network connectivity is present when SDK needs to load 
  runtime configuration and check license. Instead of hanging with no callback, SDK 
  will now send onLicense() event with licensing state set to LICENSING_KEY_NETWORK_ERROR 
  so the application knows to retry once network is online again.
- Support non-alphanumeric characters as contact address in dial*() APIs. When specifying 
  non-alphanumeric characters, the SDK will URI encode these according to RFC 3986. The 
  receiving application can decode these and perform whatever application-specific logic 
  it requires, or completely ignore the encoding as the resulting text is ASCII-safe.

Known Issues

Mobile SDK
- SDK cannot be initialized on an IPv6-only network with no IPv4 support and no NAT64
- On Android, SDK cannot use NAT64 networks. This is a limitation of the operating system. 
  Use dual-stack SIP servers to support IPv6 only clients.
- WiFi to WiFi handoff can cause the call to disconnect if the handoff is too slow 
  (~30 seconds), especially using TLS transport.
- DNS SRV isn't supported.

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