Elastic Communications
Elastic Communications

Extend your existing communications infrastructure with Cloudonix’s Communications Infrastructure as a Service (CIaaS). Add new capabilities to legacy VoIP systems or extend your carrier network. Join a global community of communications engineers that is changing the way VoIP works.

What is Elastic Communications?
What is Elastic Communications?

Many communication providers claim they are an “Elastic Platform” – however, that is anything but true. By definition, communication platforms (CPaaS, CCaaS, UCaaS) provide businesses with phone numbers and call minutes. However, just like real-estate, phone numbers are a limited resource – hence, a communications platform can’t be elastic. By eliminating the need for phone numbers and the reliance on arcane per-minute business models – a truly elastic infrastructure emerges.

Cloudonix is not a communications platform, it is a global communications infrastructure – that is infinitely scalable. As such, we do not provide phone numbers or call minutes – resulting in a truly elastic infrastructure. Unlike other platforms, we leverage the power of public cloud platforms – using our unique media optimization technology. Where other platforms introduce audio latency and degraded performance – Cloudonix excels.

Bring Your Own Carrier
Bring Your Own Carrier

The BYOC (Bring Your Own Carrier) movement, that is rapidly taking over the communications industry, disrupts the communications platforms market. Platform providers are forced to allow their customers to connect their own carriers – allowing their customers to enjoy the benefits of a rich API environment, using the customer’s existing infrastructure or assets. However, while BYOC democratized the access and utilization of telecom real-estate (phone numbers and call minutes) – it comes at a cost. Communication platforms still charge a per-minute usage fees.

Cloudonix is a firm believer in BYOC – and as such, had designed its infrastructure and business around that concept. Our customers are encouraged to bring their own carriers and services, inter-connect them with Cloudonix’s rich APIs and SDKs – and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Elastic Communications Benefits
Elastic Communications Benefits

The opportunity to build your own communications platform solution, based upon the carriers of your choice and an elastic infrastructure introduces multiple benefits. These include benefits from multiple areas, such as:

  • Carrier Agnostic
  • Codec Agnostic
  • Autoscaling and Global
  • Highly Available
  • Dynamic Global Media Re-Routing
  • Standards Compliant (SIP Signaling)
  • On The Fly Transcoding
  • Local Media Access in 48 Locations
  • Rich Developer APIs and SDKs
  • A No Risk Usage Approach

These are only a few of the benefits. To understand more about the benefits of CIaaS and BYOC, click here to schedule a meeting with an engineer – who will assist you in evaluating if your requirements can benefit from BYOC and CIaaS.


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