In-App Communications
In-App Communications

Add pure IP calling to your mobile or web applications. Build rich consumer experiences, going beyond traditional click-2-call. Join a global community of developers, changing the way sales and customer care are provided.

What is In-App Communications?
What is In-App Communications?

In-app communications is rapidly replacing traditional telephony. With services as Uber rapidly adopting in-app communications, communicating directly from a mobile application or web browser is becoming a mandatory requirement. Cloudonix’s mobile and web developer SDK’s make the process as easy as 1-2-3.

Our customers enjoy not only a simple and concise method of integration, but also a robust global network, ensuring perfect audio quality. No more choppy audio, no more costly phone numbers, no more costly call minutes. A simple, over the top (OTT) service – delivered the way you want it, where you need it.

Super Sales Booster
Super Sales Booster

A recent study indicated that calls to your sales staff, if not answered or catered within the first 5 minutes – will not generate a sale. In addition, landing page visitors, if not contacted within 5 minutes from the time their form was submitted – will also be lost. These two metrics, present a rapid pace sales cycle and contact cycle – pose a significant issue to sale operations.

Cloudonix's in-app/in-web calling capabilities can provide your sales staff with a cutting-edge tool, converting visitors to immediately responded leads - but turning simple web forms to web enabled voice calls. To experience a simple demo, just click here.
App-2-App Communications Benefits
App-2-App Communications Benefits

App-2-App communications (or in-app communications) introduce various benefits for your business. These include benefits such as:

  • Carrier Agnostic
  • Codec Agnostic
  • Autoscaling and Global
  • Highly Available
  • Dynamic Global Media Re-Routing
  • Integrates at ease
  • Work seamlessly with Chrome, Firefox or Native applications
  • Perfect Audio Quality
  • Rich Developer APIs and SDKs
  • A No Risk Usage Approach

These are only a few of the benefits. To understand more about the benefits of app-2-app communications, click here to schedule a meeting with an engineer – who will assist you in evaluating if your requirements can benefit from app-2-app communications. Click here to view a simple integration use-case, of how to add web-calling to your web application.


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